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  • MICHAEL P. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • JAYNE L. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • CAROLYN B. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • DENNIS M. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • THERESIA M. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • ARLENE F. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • DIANE E. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • BRIAN C. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • DENICA S./ Mansfield, Ohio
  • LILY T. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • JACQULENE F. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • WILMA P. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • GINO C. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • JEAN H. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • JANIEBIRD K. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • DICK G. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • NETTIE C. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • EMMA F. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • ALFRED L. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • ERNESTINE S. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • JUDITH D. / Mansfield, Ohio
  • CAROL G.  / Mansfield, Ohio

Michael P“How do you thank someone for restoring you to life? What do you say to someone who has washed and dressed and medicated you whenever you needed it, and whose deepest desire is to see your backside just one more time … heading out the front door, homeward bound?

How do you feel about that someone who has pushed you to do the things you knew you couldn’t possibly do – until you did – and then celebrated with you by setting another “impossible” goal for you to reach?

How is it that someone could choose to do a job that consists of wanting to get rid of those who depend on them – by helping them back to health, allaying their fears, sharing setbacks and triumphs with them and their families, and becoming part of those families in the process?

What you all do is more than a job – it’s a calling.  And my family and friends and I all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for answering that call.  And I thank God for each and every one of you who have helped me on this journey back to health and home.”  –  Michael P. 

“My stay at Oak Grove has been pleasant. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been so kind. It felt like home here. Oak Grove has a great team – they are special people. I now feel ready and safe to go back home.”  –  Jayne L.  

Carolyn B“My stay at Oak Grove has been very positive.  I feel it has given me a different outlook on life.  The therapy is very good.  I found the activities were a blessing.  The residents and families have become like family to me and I will miss them.  The outside setting at Oak Grove is just beautiful with the trees and wildlife.  I will miss Oak Grove but will be back to visit with everyone.”  –  Carolyn B.

“Everyone has been great at Oak Grove Manor. The therapy has been great. The food has been great. I appreciate what Oak Grove has done to get me back home. I am looking forward to going to church on Sunday!

I’ll see you next month at Oak Grove’s Senior Bingo!”  –  Dennis M. 

“The therapy is especially good. Josh is the best therapist! All the nurses are so good to me. I cried saying goodbye to everyone.”  –  Theresia M.  

Arlene F“I have been an employee for 26 years at Oak Grove Manor and have never considered working at any other facility. I came to Oak Grove because I wanted to care for seniors. I started as an STNA working on the floor doing patient care. I was then transferred to Transportation and took seniors to all of their appointments. I was asked to go to the Social Services department. There I helped coordinate safe discharges to home by setting up equipment and Home Health services. My current position is Accounts Payable/Medical Records/Supplies.

I love my job here at Oak Grove Manor. I have learned so much about healthcare and helping with great outcomes for our residents. I believe in Oak Grove so much that my family members have been patients here.

The nursing care is done by knowledgeable and caring staff. We have the best therapy team in town! And the entire staff is dedicated to providing the best care for your loved ones.  Oak Grove Manor is truly a special place.” – Arlene F. 

Diane E“When I came to Oak Grove Manor, I could not get out of bed. I needed help with everything. Now I am able to walk down the hallway and go up and down stairs.

I have come such a long way since coming here. The therapy program is outstanding. I am going to miss Josh and Alyssa — my therapists that have worked so hard in helping me reach my goal of returning home. I will also miss my nurse Betty — she was so observant and stayed on top of all my needs. I was very fortunate to have her caring for me. The STNAs and all the staff have been wonderful to me and my husband.

I would like to come back for the Rehab reunions — walking through the doors with a big smile on my face. Oak Grove Manor has been a tremendous help in my recovery.” – Diane E.

Brian C“At first I did not want to go to a nursing home – I just wanted to go home. But after I came, I saw how dedicated and caring the staff is. They go above and beyond with my care. I am truly touched by their genuine concern for me. The nurses and STNAs work very hard and long hours, but they always make you know they care about you. A BIG thank you to all of Oak Grove for making my stay a good stay.” — Brian C.

Denica S“I am a nurse at Oak Grove Manor.  My mother recently had bilateral knee replacement surgery.  I brought her to Oak Grove Manor because I knew she would get the care and therapy that are required to regain her independence.  I work with the therapy and nursing departments daily, and I have seen the care given and the excellent outcomes for patients.  I have seen the same care given to my mother and I am very pleased to say she has regained her independence!  I am very grateful for Oak Grove Manor.   Thank you!” – Denica S. 

OGMlilyT“I thought I was going to another nursing home when my husband suggested I go to Oak Grove Manor.  Pastor Mark Baily, from our church, comes in every Sunday morning to do worship with the residents.  I am so glad I made that decision.  Rosa and all the staff are top notch!  The therapy was great.  I did everything they asked me to do and now I am going home.  I am very pleased with my stay and would recommend Oak Grove Manor!” – Lily T. 

Jacqulene F“Everything was really nice here at Oak Grove Manor.  The staff is MARVELOUS!  I’ll be coming back in October for the Rehab Reunion.” – Jacqulene F.

Wilma P.“Oak Grove is like family.  My mom and dad were both here.  I was on the TCU for a short stay.  The staff is very caring.  Therapy is phenomenal!  I highly recommend Oak Grove Manor.  They are the whole package.” – Wilma P.  

Gino“I had another good experience with Oak Grove Manor.  The therapy is excellent and a great nursing staff.  Therapy really works you and, at the end, I graduated and received a gold medal!” – Gino C.  

“Therapy was great, nursing was great. I tell everyone about Oak Grove.” – Jean H. 

Janiebird K“I am doing good after being at Oak Grove Manor. I appreciate everything you have done for me and all the staff at OGM are really great!” – Janiebird K. 

Dick G“Everyone treats you so nice, you can hardly stand it. It is the cleanest place I have ever seen. The therapists are wonderful! They work hard to get you on your feet.” – Dick G. 

“I could not have asked for a better crew of people to take care of me, especially the therapists!”  – Nettie C.

OGMemmaF“My experience was great at Oak Grove. In the beginning I was sick and I did not feel good. Oak Grove has some great nurses to take care of you. Becky and Cassie kept me going when I was not feeling good. And Nicole is just an awesome nurse! And my aides, Rosa, Pat and Erin, treated me so good. Rosa was so gentle with me. And Pat always came right away. Michelle took me to my doctor’s appointment with Dr. Brown. The ride was so smooth. And she even came into the exam room with me and held my hand when they took out my staples. Dr. Brown and Peggy, his nurse, were very pleased at how well I had healed! And the therapy team is the Bomb! I am so glad I made the decision to go to Oak Grove Manor.”  – Emma F.

Alfred L“I have been a resident at Oak Grove Manor for roughly 6 months.  In all that time, I have never been ignored or left waiting for a response to whatever need I had. The therapy folks were skilled and compassionate.  They worked vigorously to restore my lost strength and balance. The nurses were all very skilled and kind, as were the aides. I also greatly appreciate the office staff who bent over backwards to answer questions, fill out forms and provide information the insurance company wanted. I am extremely grateful to the entire staff for making my stay here not only bearable, but pleasant.”  – Alfred L.

Ernestine S“My stay was nice at Oak Grove. I came from the hospital. The therapists were nice and they worked with me. The nurses and aides were very good to me. I especially want to thank Allison in Social Services for all her help. Today I am going home!!”  – Ernestine S. 

Judith D“The therapy was especially good.  The therapist took time to work with me at my pace.  Where I could not walk when I came in, I can now walk with a walker.  If the need ever arises again, I will return to Oak Grove Manor.”  – Judith D. 

“Thank you so much to everyone for all you have done for me while I have stayed here. Thank you to Jim for his kindness to me. His visits meant a lot. I know I had a rough time, but everyone pulled me through.”  – Carol G.